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Bounce handling is to keep your mail lists clean from non-existing mail addresses.
This is a big parameter to keep your server off the blacklist.
We use Member groups to keep track of mailing lists, so after installing the package you'll see that you have a new member group called Bounced. All bounced members will be added to this group.

In the Newsletter section you can find Mail settings. Under mail settings you can set up how often the bounce handler cron should run and also if softbounces is enabled.

Soft bounces means that the package handles mail bounces that is not caused by non existing mailboxes. If a mailaddress is softbounced three times it will be removed from mailing lists. Softbounce rules can be set up in the bounceHandling.config located at /config/designit/newsletter

The bounceHandling.config is an XML file with rules of bounces. It comes with a few standard rules, but can be extended to your needs.
It has two sections - hardbounces and softbounces. Hardbounce rules are rules that removes mail addresses the first time they occur.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <hardbounce name="yahoo.*" regex="Received: 554" />
  <hardbounce name="*" regex="550" />
  <softbounce name="" regex="Recieved: User is over the quota"/>
  <softbounce name="" regex="Recieved: 552"/>

name is the domain that uses the rule eg. if you write yahoo.* all yahoo domains will be affected by the rule (,, etc)
regex is the what to look for in the bounced mail. Eg. under yahoo.* you'll see Received: 554. This means that somewhere in a bouncemail from yahoo where the mailaddress is nonexisting they have written Received: 554

The bounce handler first looks for domain specific rules, then domain non specific rules. Eg. for the bounce handler first looks for rules regarding, then yahoo.* and then *

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