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Campaigns are the same as newsletters. This is where you layout the content of your newsletter, decides who it's sent to, how to track it etc.

To setup a new campaign follow this guide:
  1. Go to the newsletter section -> right click Campaign and click Create
  2. Give the campaign a name
  3. You're now in a four step wizard. Complete this wizard to send out the campaign.
    1. Step 1: Select the member group(s) you wish to send the campaign to. Click Next
    2. Step 2: Fill in the fields in step 2 and select the mail template to use. If you wish to track which links the users clicks, select track clicked links.
      1. If you selected to track clicked links, you either select the build in tracker, which just counts the number of times a link has been clicked or if your site has Google Analytics, you can choose Track local links with Google Analytics.
    3. Step 3: Write the content
    4. Step 4: Preview your finished mail
      1. You can now either save the campaign as draft
      2. Or you can save and send a test
        1. Fill in the e-mail(s) you wish to send the test mail to
        2. Click Send mail
      3. Or you can send the campaign now or schedule it for later sending
        1. If you wish to send the campaign now, just click the send campaign button
        2. If you wish to schedule the campaign to be sent at a later time, select the timezone for the newsletter and the date and time to send it out and click Schedule campaign
  4. Your campaign has been sent and you will be returned to the list of campaigns

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