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To install the package follow these steps:
  1. Download the package
  2. Go to the Developer section -> Packages
  3. Click install local package
  4. Browse to the file you just downloaded and install that
  5. When the installation is almost done, you'll be presented with a window with some fields you need to fill in
    1. Default setttings is settings that will be pre-filled for each campaign, but can be changed during send
      1. Default sender name is the name in the from field in the e-mail
      2. Default sender mail is the reply-to address
      3. Default sender timezone is the timezone from which scheduled sends are sent from
      4. Default test receiver is the receiver when sending out test mails
    2. Mail server settings is the settings needed to send mails and handle bounced mails. To be able to handle bounced mails, the from address needs to be an existing address with a pop3 account
      1. Pop3 Server and port is the incoming mailserver (default port is 110)
      2. Pop3 username is the username used to log on to the pop3 account
      3. Pop3 password is the password used to log on to the pop3 account
      4. SMTP Server and port is the outgoing mailserver (default port is 25)
      5. Smtp authentication required is a Boolean that tells the system that the SMTP server requires authentication to send out mails. At the moment the username and password needs to be the same as the Pop3 accounts
    3. Bounce handler settings is the place where you can set up how to handle mail bounces. Bounce handling is to keep your mail lists clean from non-existing mail addresses. This is a big parameter to keep your server off the blacklist. We use Member groups to keep track of mailing lists, so after installing you will see that you'll have a new member group called Bounced. All bounced members will be added to this group.
      1. Soft bounces means that the package handles mail bounces that is not caused by non existing mailboxes. If a mailaddress is softbounced three times it will be removed from mailing lists. Softbounce rules can be set up in the bounceHandling.config located at /config/designit/newsletter
      2. Check interval is how often the bounce handle cron should run
    4. Link settings
      1. Domain is your current domain including the http:// eg. http://localhost
      2. Unsubscribe page and Confirm Unsubscribe page are the locations of your unsubscribe and confirm unsubscribe pages. Since you probably haven't created these yet, you cannot be fill in at these at this point of the installation
      3. Googe track sites - The package can use Google Analytics to track link clicks. This requires the domains that your links are pointing to have Google Analytics enabled. If some of the domains you link to is not the same as where the package is installed, but you want to enable Google Analytics to these links, you'll have to add these domains here.
  6. Click the save button
  7. When done, you'll have to log out and in again to have your new section

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